Sept. 29th, 2011:

Due to some limits on, this blog is now moved to

All the old and new readers and followers are welcomed to visit the new site and give this blog more supports to make it develop better.

Every published post will still have a short paragraph here and a link to the new site.

Sept. 16th, 2011:

To present more interesting posts with higher quality in a  faster pace to the dear readers of this blog, the author has to commit more time and energy to research, writing, and editing work on this blog, and therefore need more financial supports from the dear readers.

If you, dear reader, deem this blog as valuable and hope to see more interesting posts with higher quality in a faster pace in the future at this blog, please consider clicking on the donation buttons newly inserted into this blog as one of your options to support the development of this blog. Thank you very much!

Also, dear readers, please read each image in its post and click the Full Story link under it to honor the resource websites.

Aug. 10th, 2011:

Recently, there are a lot of comments flooding into this blog. All these comments contain suspicious links. I first wrongly ‘unspam’ them. Today, I fix the problem by spamming them again. I am sorry for any possible inconvenience of my readers caused by these comments. I will try to guard my blog better.

Again, I hope to remind my readers to be careful of any link in comments.

Aug. 6th, 2011:

Due to a sudden hike of comments flowing into this blog yesterday, I have to clarify several things here:

1) I am still working on new articles in the series of ‘Dollars Slay the Dragon’. Therefore, I probably couldn’t reply comments in time. Please forgive my slow pacing and delay. For friends who like to contact me privately, please fill the feedback form at the end of each article, or email me at

2) Most new incoming comments were spammed by due to its security rules I guess. But I would approve these comments if I hadn’t seen any security threat personally or any abusive language. My personal filter of comments is very generous. I welcome all kinds of meaningful comments or critics. My approval of a comment doesn’t mean my agreement on that comment. But I can’t scan new comments 24 hours a day. Thus, if your comment were spammed by the wordpress, it might take 24 hours or longer for me to deal with it and approve it. Again, please forgive my delay.

3) I realized a lot of readers found this blog through Google Image search engine. Then a lot of comments were left under the pictures posted on this blog. I strongly recommend my readers to leave your comments under the articles that contain these pictures, not under the pictures themselves. If you like any of these pictures, please click on the original link below the picture (full story link) inside the article. The article is mine, but the pictures are not. I found them online in some interesting resources or articles. I post them here as links back to these interesting websites to promote them. I put these pictures on my blog as display windows for these websites I try to promote. Therefore, if you like any picture here, please click the full story link below it to honor the original website where I found it. Again, when promoting these websites, I don’t mean to totally agree with them. I just think they are interesting, instructive, or informative.

4) I fully understand the possible security threat hidden in the links in comments. But I can only personally filter the content and language in comments. Therefore, for readers who might click on those links in comments, you have to take care of your security by your own. Thanks again for your understanding and support.

5) By now, I don’t have any newsletter, and haven’t created any social network account, such as facebook, twitter, and so on. I am still focus on writing new articles. But later on, I will set up these channels. Thanks for some readers’ asking and caring.


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