Dollars Slay the Dragon IV — DEI: A New Type Of Cold War

Continued from the last post:

After Dr. Z asked me to think about whose crisis this financial crisis really is, I responded:

“After listening to your analysis about this financial crisis, I feel as if you are implying this crisis was deliberately created by US or the whole Western world to strike the anti-west forces globally, or even to cause regime changes in some hostile regions. Are you saying this financial crisis is a financial war against the rising adversaries of US, such as China or Russia? Or is it a new strategy to fight the global terrorists? Does it sound a little like a conspiracy theory?”

Dr. Z answered:

“You cannot simply call it a war. Maybe the better name of it could be a ‘Diplomatic and Economic Interaction’. Interaction is not necessarily a war. It could be cooperation or a fair competition. War always means mutual destruction or one conquering the other. Cooperation and competition are the best ways to help each other. When the Western developed nations went to contact the developing, often hostile and communist, nations and regions with their ‘Diplomatic and Economic Interaction’ policy, it doesn’t mean the Western nations were ready to war against these developing nations and regions. Their DEI policy included a great deal of genuineness and generosity. But the genuineness and generosity in their DEI policy were not free. If things really went bad, DEI could become DEW, the ‘Diplomatic and Economic War’, which was often much more advantageous to the Western developed nations than their adversaries. If a war has to be fought, the Western developed nations certainly would like to fight a DEW rather than a traditional war. Therefore, when the Western developed nations reached out with their DEI policy, they were also ready for DEW.”

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