Dollars Slay the Dragon I — the Beginning of the End

First of all, I have to make an apology to all the readers who are willing to follow my blog here, for I have failed to publish any new post in more than three months. I had hoped to do better but failed for two reasons:

1, I have other large projects to take care of in my current tough life.

2, Developing this blog is a much harder and bigger task than my original expectation.     The emotional and financial burdens are much heavier than I originally estimated.

In the recent months, the world is changing apace, Arabic Spring fired up, Bin Laden killed, Mr. Ai Weiwei jailed and released, Red Songs movement sweeping over China, European debts crisis torturing the global financial markets endlessly, US unemployment rate stubbornly refusing to fall just like the inflation in China, Chinese foreign exchange reserve running higher every month, and the outlook of globalization becoming more blurred and uncertain than ever. If you focus on China, from the outside, you will see China’s economy is burning hot as the brightest spot of a gloomy and uncertain global economy, with the growth rate of GDP steadily floating above 9%. But inside China, you will see the toughest restrictions on free speeches since 1989, the relentless suppressions on the growing democracy, a CCP government growing more and more paranoid, hypocritical, arrogant, and disoriented, and a Chinese society boiling in a low-temperature civil war as more Chinese people are shouting out their anger and desperation with bloody knifes, smoking guns, burning fires, and home-made bombs every day. If you look at US, you will see the strongest leader and advocate in this round of globalization is totally lost on its way, failing almost every major effort to turn around its economy effectively from the great recession, with the ghost of Double-Dip recession wandering around the corner refusing to disappear.

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