Big Business vs. Big Government

If you look closely at the history of US, it may not be so hard for you to discover that the Big Government of US is the son of the Big Business of US.([1] [2] [3] [4] [5]) Most ordinary Americans are just victims caught in the rivalry between these two devils. In recent decades, the game between these two devils has become even more damaging to ordinary American people, because they are more often cooperating than competing. When they are cooperating, ordinary American people become more defenseless and powerless. History coming into today, American people should realize both Big Government and Big Business could be devils or angels, depending on how they are controlled and used. If both of them are properly controlled by democracy, they could both become angels. If any of them is unleashed from democracy, it will be a catastrophe.

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One Response to Big Business vs. Big Government

  1. This is a very instructive comment by mistake sent into my feedback form.

    Name: Howard Lauther

    Comment: If you are an American citizen, do you know what your government does for you? If you think it’s too big, too inefficient, too expensive, and the source of all of the nation’s problems, then perhaps you need to take a close look at the role of private enterprise in terms of how it affects or protects you, and then ask yourself which does more for you: Big Government or Big Business? For example….
    Can you name any time when Big Business acted as the protector of the people and their constitution in any way?
    ….Do you ever recall Big Business assembling the nation’s forces to fight a war when the country was attacked?
    ….Does Big Business patrol the coastline, or spy upon dedicated enemies of the state?
    ….Is it the job of Big Business to quell a riot in a city, or to fight organized crime?
    ….Does Big Business have an admiral record when it comes to responding to a national disaster?
    ….Has Big Business ever created a lot of public libraries in your town, where you can check out books for free for two or three weeks?
    ….Ever recall Big Business building a school system that children could attend free of charge?
    ….Did Big Business construct the roads in your neighborhood and beyond? Or that bridge which crosses the river?
    ….Can you recall a time when Big Business has, without government’s urging, voluntarily recalled any of its products because of the danger they might pose to the consumer? Indeed, can you always rely upon Big Business to provide you with safe food, drugs, toys, and products that are reliable?
    ….If your house catches fire, will a member of the Big Business Club come rushing there to extinguish the blaze?
    ….Is it a priority of Big Business to make sure you can freely speak what’s on your mind, without going to jail for it?
    ….Did Big Business shoot satellites into the universe and later provide a National Weather Service so you’d know when dangerous weather conditions were approaching your neighborhood?
    ….Let’s suppose some member of your family falls over with a serious illness, or becomes involved in a tragic accident, will any member of Big Business come speeding there, with sirens blaring, and take that person to the hospital?
    ….Without being told, has Big Business always had strict rules in place to protect miners, oil riggers, and manufacturing employees from injury or death?
    ….Was Big Business the one that decided your town needed a bus or subway service?
    ….If your town wants a museum, does Big Business finance it?
    ….On its own, did Big Business decide that all the houses on your street needed a sewer system?
    ….Can you rely upon Big Business to prevent anyone from locking you up indefinitely without a trial?
    ….Is it Big Business that tries to make sure your water is clean enough to drink and to bathe in?
    ….When there’s an epidemic, which sometimes happens, is Big Business the one that tries to protect you by inoculating you against the disease?
    ….Are you confident that Big Business would provide all the necessary road and air traffic rules to prevent chaos on the streets and in the air, thus causing tragic accidents?
    ….Does Big Business protect your civil rights?
    ….Did Big Business create and enforce the building fire codes in your town, so your home or place of business would not needlessly collapse or catch fire?
    ….Will Big Business try to help you if you become unemployed?
    ….Has Big Business ever put a letter in your mailbox?
    ….How many public parks in your town can you name that are financially supported by Big Business, where you and your family can have a picnic and get away from it all?
    ….Can you name an environmental wonder that Big Business has preserved for the benefit of all Americans, such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Redwood forest?
    ….Does Big Business print the money that you carry around, and does it insure it when you put it in a bank?
    ….Do you believe Big Business would have developed the Internet on its own by first creating something like the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration or the Computer Science Network?
    …. If you want to pray to a different God than your neighbor, will Big Business provide you with that opportunity?
    ….If you become old and alone, will Big Business attend to some of your most basic needs?
    ….If Big Business cannot make a profit by providing you with some assistance, will it help you nevertheless?

    Now, these questions are important when a debate arises about the role of Big Government in our lives, because, if one must attach a monetary value to things as private enterprise and its supporters frequently urge that we do, then you the consumer and private citizen must decide who’s giving you the biggest bang for your buck. If you are fair-minded in your assessment, then it should not be difficult to determine where the bargain is.

    Time: Monday August 8, 2011 at 5:37 pm
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