Is Free Market Really Free?

Free market is one of many subjects I would like to invite my readers to discuss about on this blog.

What is a free market? Are there a lot of strict presumptions or conditions to define a free market? Are you, as individuals, really free in a free market? How free are you now? What is the definition of freedom in your mind? When you look around you, how many things can you find that could be made by yourself alone? Who are making these things for you? How does the magic of economy turn dirt and wood on wild lands into stuff around you in your living room? What is the real price you have to pay for this magic? What is money? Who create money? Who control the distribution and flow of money? Does the same amount of money have the same value when it flows through the economy? After trying to answer all these questions, do you think you are free in a free market you can imagine? How do you define and understand individual freedom in an industrialized modern society?

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One Response to Is Free Market Really Free?

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