Rebalance the Sino-US Economic Relation

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After clearing the dirty foreign “debts”, American people should demand their government to impose the “balance of trade” as a legal requirement on international trade policies and laws related to nations like China who do not have a real open free market for international trade, especially not a free market for currency exchange. This legal requirement of balance of trade with China is so important for US not only because of its implications in the security and stability of international economic environment, but also because of the unique economic philosophy of the Chinese ruling elites today. For these Chinese ruling elites, the huge trade surplus with US is not a serious trouble for a sustainable and mutually benefiting economic relationship between US and China, but on the contrary, a great “weapon” to subdue or even to “conquer” the giant “capitalist empire” of USA. From the very beginning, this huge trade surplus of China with US has never been an unexpected outcome of a natural and equal trading partnership between two friendly and trusted nations, but an outcome of a systematical conspiracy of Chinese ruling elites to manipulate the domestic and international markets.

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  2. resim upload says:

    excellent post. Ne’er knew this, appreciate it for letting me know.

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