Tales of Two Nations

This blog is a small display window for you to see a real China and its culture through the advantageous perspective of a common Chinese citizen who still tries hard to keep his conscience and principle alive. This blog is also a small mirror upon which reflected is a common Chinese citizen’s understanding of and hope on the American society and the global democracy.

As a Chinese who grew up in China, studied and worked in both China and US, I was lucky enough to witness the fast changes of these two nations in the past two decades driven by the so-called free trade and globalization. Deep inside my soul, a voice of conscience is growing stronger and stronger calling me to stand up and speak out, because too much misinformation, distorted stories, and intentionally or unintentionally fabricated images are flying around, misleading the angry, frustrated, and powerless citizens in both nations into a perfect storm of mutual hatred and destruction. Especially after the global financial crisis in 2008, an open and sincere communication between common working Peoples in both China and US has become urgently necessary. As the most miserable and innocent victims of this crisis, common working Peoples in both nations have a vast amount of common interests to work together, instead of fighting against each other. Deeply concerned by this awareness, I finally set up this blog through which I hope to build a bridge to connect Chinese people to people in US and around the world.

Given the fast expanding powers and influence of Chinese Communist Party and its corrupted political and business allies all over the world, I am clearly aware of the possible danger this blog might bring to me. However, I am more clearly aware of the torture of silence inside me that is killing me slowly. Besides, I hope to do more through this blog. I hope to make friends around the world who would like to share dreams, ideals, thoughts, experiences, and cultures through this blog. I hope a voice could be heard through this blog, a voice of Chinese conscience, a voice of alarm to the global democracy, and a voice of call for rationality, justice, and honesty. Ultimately, I hope this blog could excite your interest in the beautiful but complicated Chinese culture, and deliver fun and optimism into your world.

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